How I Journal For Personal Growth

by - June 21, 2017

I see all the pretentious bullet journals online and I just think 'surely you can't be writing in that?'

My journals aren't about being fancy. They're simply about capturing the rawness. Even the bad times. They're a way for me to go back in time and see how far I've come. To watch myself grow. A way of personal growth

To grow

And I grow. Nothing nourishes the mind like writing and letting the words flow out of your mind through the metaphoric of ink bleeding onto paper. 

I've written all my life. Since I was eight and I don't see myself stopping. I'm always with a pen and pad at hand and my Evernote is overflowing.

If you get caught up in making your journal look pretty I find it can become contrived. 

By recording your thoughts you will gain insight into your behaviour and mood and to me that's gratifying to read back on even after three months. It's amazing how much you change in the space of so little time. This was very apparent when I read my teenage diaries. I felt guilty because it was like reading the diary of a complete stranger. You can only look at your fifteen year old self with your adult mind and it will never be the same to look back through photos and videos. 

Why look back when you're supposed to be moving forward? I hear you say. It is encouraging to see how far I have come and helps me realise I can go further with my dreams.

More than anything writing has helped me process difficult times in my life and helped me heal. It has also improved my perspective on life and made things look clearer.

When I come at a cross road I write. When I can't decide between the crazy amount of things I want to do with my life I map it out on paper. Maybe I'll never find my answer, but one thing's for sure I feel lighter every time.

To brain dump 

With a mind thats constantly buzzing it is important for me not to carry essential information in my head. I like to leave my brain free for thinking up new ideas rather than trying to remember a bunch of unimportant things like a dentist appointment.

It makes me feel free. I love allowing myself to forget everything till my phone goes ping. Then I look in my journal to finish the master plan I sketched out the other day.

Always brain dump. As soon as you have that spark, that idea, write it down before you forget it. Then allow free head space to think of more cool ideas. Creative personalities don't think in a structured way so it's easy to get overwhelmed.

To achieve my goals

Whenever I have a dream I write it down. No matter how impossible this dream seems to me at the time I write it down determined one day soon it will come true. 

And it does.

It reduces the anxiety of 'what if I don't get there' and magically changes it to a commitment of 'I'm determined to make it happen'. Once you set that intention on paper you're able to let those negative thoughts slip out of your mind and your next thoughts are processing how exactly you will achieve your dreams.

There's research to show that writing down your goals makes you twice as more likely to achieve them.

Let me know in the comments section below why you journal and watch my new video where I show you all of my journals.

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