I Moved to the USA

by - August 18, 2018

I moved to Virginia on the fourth of July and yes that date was intentional. I wanted my entrance to the USA a memorable one. Virginia is on the south-east coast of America, a train ride away from New York and the northern area I’m staying in means I am a 40-minute drive from the capital Washington DC.

Why Virginia?

America is vast. There are so many different types of places here and different climates and different opportunities. I moved for love. My partner is from Virginia and after seven long years and 13 flights we have finally closed the gap. Although I have moved, I will still be spending large amounts of time in England with my family and can't wait to share with you my story.

What's it like?

I am terrible at describing. A lot of people in England have asked me what Virginia is like. Virginia is vast as a state and can be described differently depending on where you are staying. It’s very foresty. There are lots of trees and because of this it's mosquito season every summer. The windows in our hours have nets to stop them coming in and early in the morning you can hear birds tweeting and later in the night you can hear the crickets. In some places you’ll even find a deer walking into the road. The weather is beautiful. When they have a summer it’s a real summer, exactly like the heatwave in England except it’s not just a wave it’s one long summer with air conditioning included. To describe it in a sentence I would say that it’s a quiet state for nature lovers.

Homesickness kicked in pretty quickly. On my fourth day here I felt all the emotions. I’m a home girl and I love my home comforts. I’m not very well travelled and I’d happily be one of those people who live in the same city all their lives. Virginia was the hardest decision I have ever had to make in my life.

More than anything the fourth of July marks my freedom. My personal freedom, financial freedom, my freedom to live out the life I dream to live. Even though this big move was the biggest sacrifice of my life, it has been the biggest dream come true in my life. I read a quote that goes, ‘in order to get your dream life you must let go of your old one.’ I read other people’s moving abroad stories, I spoke to people who’d moved far away from a job. I retreated back to my journal entries. Those entries that spoke with accuracy and determined surety of this dream. I then retreated back to my heart. I reminded myself that life is short and asked myself if the decision I was about to make would result in true joy. When you work yourself backwards from mortality the way you look at everything changes.

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